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About Me[edit]

Under construction!

Lol-asg.png 21 / f / 49,-123

Hey there! I'm air384, and I'm yet another of the UBC geohashers. I've been reading xkcd for ages and wanted to try geohashing when the comic first came out, but at the time I lived in Calgary, AB and had no car and no GPS. Since most of the hashpoints were on some farmer's field, I never ended up geohashing. Sigh. Then, I moved to Vancouver and I still don't have a car or a GPS, and most of the hashpoints are even less accessible but for some reason I'm now more determined. Could it be because I'm dating another geohasher?

Regardless of the reason, I thought I'd finally give geohashing a try only to be thwarted by circumstance several times (including, but not limited to: being away for work, shitty hashpoints, being busy with school, and the weather). I even tried geohashing the Dawson Creek, BC graticule when I was there, but I took the wrong turn on a logging road and ended up at a pretty lake that was most definitely not the hashpoint. So finally, when a hashpoint showed up in Squamish, BC, I jumped at the opportunity. One sunny daytrip later, I still don't have a successful geohash under my belt but bent on getting one now! Join me on my magical mystery tour of the Vancouver and Surrey graticules as I pose for stupid grinning photos at pseudo-random points determined by an algorithm using the stock market.

Other things you should know about me include the fact that I love science, cooking, and cats. In fact, I would aspire to be a crazy cat lady if it weren't for the fact that most Vancouver apartments don't allow pets. I'm a UBC student in some kind of biology discipline, though the fine details of that are still being worked out. (Word to the wise: don't transfer universities, it's a pain in the ass.) If you ask those close to me, they can assure you that I talk incessantly about food and have been known to do crazy things such as bake my own bread and make my own yogurt. In a 7.5 square metre (or 81 square feet) kitchen with only two electric burners, a toaster oven, and two mini-fridges, this is no small feat. Finally, if you've made it this far and haven't noticed that I tend to ramble, then you're my new favourite person.

My Hashscot[edit]

My hashscot is a little red bunny keychain I got a couple of years ago. It's (in my opinion) pretty cool as it's completely handmade from fabric and stuffed with what I'm guessing is part of a cotton ball. Its face and other details are painted on. I got it mostly because it's cute, but I ended up carrying it on my backpack for ages until it started to fall off habitually. Since I felt sorry for it sitting around at home, it's now the designated hashscot and rather enjoys coming on trips with me. For lack of a better name, and because alliteration is awesome, I'm calling it the Red Rabbit. (picture to come soon.)

My Expeditions[edit]

Coming soon.

My Achievements[edit]

Coming soon.

My Goals[edit]

Coming soon.