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Shunyi, China Elisa, Crox Near the Great Wall
Bologna, Italy Kleon A field near Ozzano, a small town on the Via Emilia.
Seattle, Washington Thomcat A driveway in Canyon Park, Bothell.
Zürich, Switzerland Calamus, Chris 47 8 On Seebachstrasse, Zurich.
Augsburg, Germany DODO In the forest west of Landensberg, just north of the B10.
Wien, Austria Crankl, Micsnare, B2c It was located in a small patch of trees and bushes next to the A5 motorwa...
Kassel, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay on a meadow in Holzhausen.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer Close to a public footpath south of Ringsfield, Suffolk, UK.