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Townsville, Australia JimmyNZ, jishy, mattyk Side of the road 75km out of Townsville.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Rincewind, Yakamoz Near Michelshausen or Dagobertshausen, suburbs of Marburg, a dozen meters o...
Sheffield, United Kingdom possibly Fergus, myka In the West Wood, near Calverly
Malmö, Sweden llavids In the field outside Råby, Hörby, Skåne, Sweden.
Raahe, Finland Ossisanni Near forest road in Siikajoki municipality Merikylä village.
Kempele, Finland Ossisanni Back side of residential area in Tyrnävä town Murto village.
Rovaniemi, Finland isopekka About 40 km N from Rovaniemi, 10 km E from the village Patokoski, Finland. ...