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Augusta, Maine Del In Washington, ME, just off the road, to the east of a residence. Farther ...
Appleton, Wisconsin Bassoon, Dedehawk In Appleton, Wisconsin, in a parking lot between a bank and a Piggly-Wiggly...
Sankt Gallen, Switzerland Elisa, Crox Alp Sellamatt, Wildhaus - Alt St. Johann, Toggenburg, Switzerland
Bardejov, Slovakia AlfonZ On the wheat field near Janovce village.
Vernon, British Columbia Juventas In a crop field, on the Okanagan Indian Reserve.
London West, United Kingdom davidc In a field by a fishery and caravan park near Newdigate, Surrey.
Cambridge, United Kingdom Benjw On a slip road off the A11 dual-carriageway at the charmingly-named village...