2010-07-22 52 0

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Thu 22 Jul 2010 in 52,0:
52.1832738, 0.3001400

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[edit] Location

On a slip road off the A11 dual-carriageway at the charmingly-named village of Six Mile Bottom, near Newmarket. Looks like the hashpoint is actually on the road, so a good opportunity for a Speed Racer, perhaps.

[edit] Participants

Just Benjw.

[edit] Plans

The original plan was to do one of two things -- either make a detour (in my work vehicle) on the way back into Cambridge after I'd finished work for the day, or to make a special trip out in the car once I'd got home. In the end, neither of these things happened.

[edit] Expedition

This will follow, probably tomorrow.

[edit] Photos

These will follow as soon as I've downloaded them from the camera.

[edit] Achievements

Speed racer, at (nearly) 70mph!