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{{Expedition Images|2008-06-07}}

  • For use on Main Page and on the date pages, such as 2008-06-07.
    • Date parameter must be in form YYYY-MM-DD (as if there's any other option).


The subpages are a small gallery showing the community-selected best images for each days expeditions, which can then be included on the expeditions list page for that day, as well as on Main Page.

Remember, it is intended to be a sample of the images from the day. A full gallery of all images for a day should be handled by adding the appropriate "Meetup on YYYY-MM-DD" category to each image as appropriate.


Some guidelines for the gallery subpages...

  • For each day include not more than one image from each graticule, especially if space is limited. Share the wealth...
  • Use an existing Images subpage as a starting point for creating a new one, or follow the how-to.
  • Add new photos to the start of the gallery.
  • Please exercise judgment as to whether your photo is genuinely worth adding to the gallery, especially if it would mean removing one of the existing photos where space is limited.