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Allow me to propose a format for this page:
Section 1
Stuff about meet-ups and locations.
Add a new sub-section for each date about which you wish to comment.
I'll try and keep it clean, by moving old months to a sub-pages.
Section 2
...I haven't worked out yet what should go here. Let's leave it open.



[edit] Meet-Ups

2008 (4Q)
2009 (1Q) 2009 (2Q) 2009 (3Q) 2009 (4Q)
2010 (1Q)

2010-01-10 (Sunday), smack bang in the middle of the town commons. Could be possible, if there's not too much tidal/rain flooding.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Hi Twistie. Do I know you? Matty

Hey, I dunno. I'm a first year IT student at JCU. I have a feeling I have heard your name before but I'm just not sure. -- Twistie

[edit] Page Structure

I think it's good having the Saturday map links on the main page, and a brief description for the current/past ones. However, as Simon suggested, I'm quite happy for ephemeral discussions (about attempting hashes and stuff) to live here on the discussion page. If anyone else wants to update the Current Meetup Location section early on Saturdays, you're most welcome. Also, when we start running out of upcoming Saturdays, feel free to chuck in another months' worth of links. Matty