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[edit] 2014

I should rename this a T(h)omcat talk page! Tuesday 2/24 in Nürnberg is quite decent, just south of a metal tint factory apparently. I would not walk it after spending 10 hours on my feet at a convention, however. If anyone would like to give me a ride to the geohash, I will be free after 6pm. --Thomcat (talk) 00:49, 25 February 2014 (EST)

[edit] 2013 Graticule Visitors

I'll be in Nürnberg from 24 Feb 2013 through 1 Mar, and will definitely be checking the hash coordinates. Ping me on my user page for best response. --Thomcat 18:29, 12 February 2013 (EST)

[edit] Thomcat 2012-02-27

A geohash less than 10 km from my hotel by the Altstadt. Going to figure out the Bahn options. Time is flexible - I have the whole day free. --Thomcat 10:40, 24 February 2012 (EST)

Looks as though the nearby stops are Fürth(Bay)Hbf and Fürth (Bayern) Rathaus. The first is 1.17 km southwest as the crow flies, walk to the hash through the park, then walk back to Rathaus for a post-hash pub stop.
Regarding the hash point, take a look at the satellite - it seems to be in a fenced in area. Can anyone provide more information? --Thomcat 11:13, 24 February 2012 (EST)
Hi, welcome back - and thanks for the poke on my user talk page :) At this local site with better satellite imagery you can try the "Bird's Eye" views - it's definitely someone's garden with a hedge around it, not accessible unless you ask them ;) Pity it's a monday (i.e. I have an office to be at) and sunday's coordinates are much worse... --dawidi 11:27, 24 February 2012 (EST)
I went, but did not go inside the hedge; expedition to be uploaded shortly. Better a failed hash than no hash, and it was nice to go for a walk :) --Thomcat 08:30, 4 March 2012 (EST)

[edit] Thomcat 2012-02-25

I find it hard to believe that the last attempted geohash in this Graticule was by... me. The geohash for Monday February 25 is in Feucht, reachable by the S2 and S3 trains. Let's talk about plans! --Thomcat 09:44, 22 February 2013 (EST)

[edit] Re Tomcat's plans for 2009-02-26 49 11

I shall join you, if you really go. Let's just hope that day's coordinates aren't as far away as your Origin Geohash... although that would be an interesting project as well - but not if you intend to work during the day ;) --dawidi 15:39, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

Fine - then this will be an at least-three-person-meetup. Origin GH: no way, this will be done in summer on a weekend :-) 2009-02-26-expedition is intended to be as fast and easy as possible.