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Technically, the hash is hit within GPS precision of the device, despite the fact that my position was steadily shown about 12 meters from the point. OK, to think about it, GPS probably has not only "noise" type of error, but also systematic - consistently pointing into the wrong direction. There's also satellite imagery, which has it's own error probably. Can't decide :)

Well your GPS said 12 meters and from looking at Google Maps it also looks like it's in the water. So you might have to bite the bullet and call it "not reached", that's part of the game ;)
Still, good effort and well done, next time just bring a boat :D - Mampfred 09:10, 6 October 2012 (EDT)
GPS has a precision. When it gives coordinates to the software it also gives a precision, which depends on number of satellites available probably. 15m is typical for my cellphone - other program shows that number. Not sure how that agrees with the fact that number did not jump around as it frequently does. Not sure about Google Maps precision either.
For example at the hash I was today distance shown by my GPS did jump back and forth and I dooubt that I got actually closer to the hash then that time. But that's reached.
Perfectionist inside me tells me to study all that GPS stuff and errors better, or return back to the location and make additional measuments.
Thank you for your opinion, but it doen't answers my questions. I still leave it untagged either as reached or not reached. vb 13:48, 6 October 2012 (EDT)

OK, I have another idea now. The core of the problem with tagging this expedition is that I didn't realize at the time that there are such tags. The idea was to go as far as I can and have fun. I wasn't thinking about reaching or not reaching, and verifying. Now I know about tags and worry about proofs. I think it was better before ) So in memory of that time I leave this as untagged. vb 15:50, 6 October 2012 (EDT)