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Thu 4 Oct 2012 in 55,37:
55.8258864, 37.4022196

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Small strait separating a small island on a Moskva river. Strogino again.




January First-of-May: Are you going for today's hash? I certainly won't ... but it is within the Ring Road, and from the satellite layer of Google Maps it looks like it's just barely reachable (i.e. right at the edge of the river).

vb: Strogino again. And looks like a fun place to go. Unfortunately I'm not in the city today. Possibly I'll be back not too late today but most probably not.


Fortunately though vb was returning to the city almost exactly from the direction of the hash, so he made it. However he had to break his habit of no using other means than subway and walking to reach the hash - used a bus.


Retro 2013-04-24[edit]

vb: I was attending an event held at the conference center seen in one of the photos above, and used the occasion to return to the hash. Made some photos and additional GPS measurements. This time geohashdroid congratulated me several times with reaching the location (to GPS precision of the device) even on the bank of the river. I'll add more about it later.

The weather was cloudy but worm at first. Then ice-cold rain, with some ice indeed, happened. After I finished with the hash, it became worm and sunny again.

Retro photos[edit]