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I'm so glad you got a good opportunity soon after we talked on IRC. I love your report. That is pretty much a perfect geohash. I understand the feeling of "why am I excited?" because I get it every time. As soon as it's under a kilometre I want to race ahead. We call it "the GPS dance" when you're almost there and trying to get the GPS to read zero.

The Calendar Girl achievement is left over from the 2010 Geohashing Calendar, and was an award for submitting a photo for consideration for the calendar, so it shouldn't really be there. The new award is for submitting a photo for the 2012 calendar and you don't have to be stylish for that one. I'm just fixed the achievement page to take down the Calendar Girl, so submit your best photo for the calendar. You also earned the Land Geohash ribbon. -Robyn 17:52, 26 May 2011 (EDT)

P.S. The Achievements page is just summaries of the awards. You need to click the links and read the details in order to understand the real definitions. -Robyn 17:53, 26 May 2011 (EDT)

I believe the first-ever geohash in Italy was also in a vineyard: 2008-09-26 46 13.

Congratulations, and welcome! There's a lot of Italy to discover for you! -- relet 05:26, 31 May 2011 (EDT)

Thanks a lot...these days i'm too busy but as soon as the school ends i hope i'll start geohashing more frequently and maybe with some friends that i'm introducing to this "sport". @Robyn:i didn't know that the achievement was expired...i'll delete that part in the report.Thanks! I would like some of you help me with english...i know that there are many mistakes in my report ,so you could correct it,if you have some time!Bye!

The mistakes are really small. Your English is excellent, but here is the way I would correct it. Most of the corrections aren't really rules you should have known, nothing technically wrong, just not the way people say it in English. The only thing I had trouble understanding was "we took him on the road." I think you mean that he joined your expedition on the way there, right? Say "so" when it starts a phrase that that is related to the previous one: "we saw a fence, so we climbed over it." If it's just the next thing you did, use then instead: "We climbed over a fence, then we walked through a field.

After getting about 600 meters from the hash point by car, me, my uncle (who I used to drive me to the point) and my cousin (we picked him up on the way) were ready to begin the true adventure by entering a big empty field. So we walked through this (and our feet got covered with some strange annoying kind of plants...what a pain!) Then we went to a rusty fence: I felt demoralized! But we couldn't stop there. We managed to climb over it. We were excited. I don't know why we were the end we were in the middle of a deserted field enclosed by a rusty fence. But we were excited and so we started running towards the gps arrow through a vineyard. Eventually we had to kneel in order to reach the hash point. After being maddened trying to find the exact spot we found it. We took some photos, including a "stylish" one (stylish is a very badly definied term...). On the way back a melancholy sunset welcomed us and we were all sad to leave that adventure. This it has been my first time(and I hope it won't be the last one)and i won't ever forget it.

Thanks again ,Robyn.You wasted time just for me...i've greately appreciated it and i'll correct the report immediately. And i've also had a free-english lesson:excellent,i like learning! --Batuffolo 14:00, 1 June 2011 (EDT)