South Korea

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This is a map of all graticules containing parts of South Korea.

Virgin Graticules are orange, the green ones (="deflowered" graticules) will give the name(s) of the first geohasher(s) in that graticule and a link to the virgin expedition.

N\W 125 126 127 128 129 130 131
38 Sot-pong, North Korea Cheorwon Sokcho
37 Yeonpyeong-myeon Seoul (West)
Quaternary #
Seoul (East) Gangneung Donghae Dodong Liancourt Rocks
36 Eocheongdo-ri Hongseong Daejeon Andong Pohang
35 Gwangju Jeonju Daegu Busan
34 Sudae-ri Mokpo Yeosu Tongyeong
33 Jeju