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Sun 4 May 2014 in 37,126:
37.5653046, 126.9848886

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KEB Plaza, Seoul, South Korea


Quaternary (talk)


I arrived in Seoul just before midnight last night, and the email from home this morning says "check out your local geohash - it looks close". Close alright! A mere 4km away, and it looks accessible, and it's just where I was about to go to do a bit of sightseeing anyway. Incroyable!

What that I've got to use as my marker - well, I quickly assembled the essentials: a piece of note paper of the swanky hotel I've been put up at, a pen, passport, and a mini roll of sticky tape - goodness knows why I had it in my possession in the first place (and who would know it would come to be so useful).

I wonder what sort of building it's next too - hmm, that looks like a helicopter pad on it - maybe it's a hospital? Will it be fenced off?


I caught the hotel shuttle to Myeongdong subway station, sighted the sun, and headed off on foot to the North. I have to say, about now I was pretty excited. What were the chances of a geohash falling into my lap like this? And before I knew it, I was here, hooray!

But not a hospital, between the KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) bank and the KEB Plaza.

I pondered for a while where to put my location marker. Should I put it on the wall of the bank? No, a bit crass, and a few metres too far from the spot for my liking. On the ground? No, not subtle enough. Here we go, on the side of this path. I can pre-tape the paper, and slap it on without anyone ... noticing. And I can crouch down, and take an inconspicuous ... selfy.

Oh, cripes, is this littering??!! Crickey, this is a clean city, this stands out a bit. Oh well, too late now, and security cameras pointing everywhere - I'm right next to a bank after all.

I swung back about three hours later, and it was still there - Yeah!

So I headed to the nearest subway station to catch the subway back to the hotel.




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