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This is a list of geohashing expeditions in the Schwerin graticule.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-01 - Fippe - located in a glade near Gusborn.
Arrow2.png 2015-12-20 - ZettS - located on a field among the reeds south-east of the village Weitendorf on ...
Arrow2.png 2015-08-19 - Aba - Near a small canal close to the city of Schwerin (capital of Mecklenburg-Vo...
Arrow2.png 2012-05-30 - alech - In a field next to Schloss Bothmer, Klütz.
Arrow2.png 2011-10-09 - lyx, relet - A lush forest close to highway 24.
Arrow2.png 2009-06-14 - relet - Could be a bosk. Just because I like the word.
Arrow2.png 2008-08-16 - Relet - This one seemed interesting, and it well proved to be. The hash was located...