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After having finished the Regional Geohash maps for the 50 United States, I thought about the next big thing I could work on. I was intrigued by the Land usage code that some graticules used to map out what's in their area. Instead of going that way, I decided to do a more empirical approach, and see where the geohashes have fallen in the Peoria graticule since 2000-01-01. I worked on and off over about a year to look individually at each daily geohash (>4000 days for the initial 11 years), and log the coordinates and what type of land it was. I organized everything in an Excel spreadsheet and graphed the results, seen below.

After completing everything from 2000 to present, I continued to maintain the log daily, but didn't attempt to go further back in history for another year and a half or so. I started working backward in time until I gave up in the early '90s. Dvdllr 12:50, 2 September 2015 (EDT)

There have been 7773 locations since 1993-09-25.

Color key, in descending order of frequency:

Color Type Count Percent
Yellow farms/crop fields 5441 70.00%
Dark green forests/woods 891 11.46%
Pink grass/dirt/open space 615 7.91%
Purple residential property 349 4.49%
Blue water 205 2.64%
Grey roads 124 1.60%
Orange businesses 102 1.31%
Aqua parking lots 15 0.19%
Red schools/colleges 11 0.14%
Bright green golf courses 8 0.10%
Black railroads 6 0.08%
Brown cemeteries 6 0.08%

40 -89 geo places.JPG