Pendleton, Oregon

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Tri Cities, Washington Walla Walla, Washington Pullman, Washington
Hermiston Pendleton Enterprise
Kimberly Prairie City Baker City

Today's location: not yet announced

This graticule is located at 45,-118. Today's location


[edit] 2011-07-19 45 -118

Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 fail to reach the hashpoint in the first recorded attempt at this graticule.

[edit] 2012-01-30 45 -118

kydlt A stop in a field @ Helix, OR introduces this graticle to geohashing.

[edit] 2013-08-30 45 -118

Eldin fails to reach the hash because it is on tribal land.

[edit] Virgin Graticule Status

First claimed by kydlt on 2012-01-30. If this is wrong please correct me.