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Musical achievement

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This is a proposal made on 2012-08-27. Please leave comments and suggestions on Talk:Musical achievement, indicating whether you:
  • Support the proposal
  • Do not oppose it
  • Oppose (this option requires you to watch the page and return to comment on modifications), or
  • Think it Needs work before you can decide.

See Proposed achievements for more information on this process.

The Musical Geohash Achievement will be awarded to someone who demonstrates proof of taking a musical instrument to a geohash and playing it.

This may be a great cover story.


[edit] Ribbon

Template:Musical achievement

This user earned the Musical achievement
by playing an instrument on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

[edit] Winners

[edit] Multi-Musician Award

  • for each instrument taken and played

[edit] Band Award

  • for multiple musicians playing at the same time

[edit] One-Man Band Award

[edit] Possibilities