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A geotag icon is any image, whether raster or vector graphic, that can be used to symbolize the concept of geotagging any sort of data (or marking a location itself) or can be used for such a purpose directly. Some GeoHashers bring geotag icon signs with them to hashes, as an alternative or companion to: "Don't worry, the Internet sent us"; "The Internet was here"; ""; ""; a QR code or other 2D 'bar'code encoding the above information, particularly the last two; et cetera. Most people use Google's (Maps and Earth) "Red Bulb" Marker, which looks something like a large (EDIT: on scalable vector graphics? How it that implied?) elongated upside-down red teardrops with a black dot in the center of the bulge. It can be found here: &insert link to svg here& However, a viable alternative is the open source: