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Fly a kite achievement

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Fly a kite!


[edit] Info

Earn this achievement through the 'surprisingly not as simple as it sounds' act of flying a kite at a hash point. This is a very hash location and weather dependent achievement - requiring clean winds and open terrain.

  • Definition of 'fly' would be to get the kite off the ground long enough to gain photographic evidence - may be quite challenging if there is only one of you and your kite has two strings but we all like a challenge;
  • To obtain the award, the kite should be flown within close proximity to the hash point i.e. within sight.
  • You must physically reach the geohash coordinates on some point of the expedition, but the kite does not have to be at the exact point. If you cannot reach the coordinates, but the kite does, you may qualify for the Geohash by proxy achievement instead.
  • There shouldn't need to be strict specifications on the definition of a kite - I think we all know what a kite is - but for completeness, a kite should be something (not necessarily a member of the quadrilateral family) attached to a piece of string of at least 10 metres in length;
  • Bonus points obtainable if your kite is home-made or of the plastic bag variety - they fly well.

[edit] Winners

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[edit] Ribbon

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XKCD 235 kite 2.jpg
Eagle earned the Fly a kite achievement
by flying a kite at the 2010-07-07 -37 175 hash.

[edit] Gallery

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