2010-08-08 -36 174

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Sun 8 Aug 2010 in -36,174:
-36.8514438, 174.8988717

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Off the western coastline of Musick Point/Te Waiarohia or Howick golf course



Satellite imagery suggests that this hash could be accessible at low tide, hence i will ensure that i am on location at 11:00 on sunday to take a look. Research [[1]] shows that the peninsula 'encompasses a narrow band of steep coastal cliffs dominated by mature pohutukawa' hence there may be a quantity of walking up the length of the peninsula involved, probably in mud.


First of all, drag-along participant Max was uplifted from his home way the hell out in the middle of no where. He had agreed to be transported to a random gps coordinate with the promise of a free lunch. This hash had to be timed right because of tides and we arrived at Musick Point bang on low tide. It was another spectacularly rainy Auckland day, and Green left her rain coat in the car. Max had an umbrella, but seemed unwilling to share it. Too bad, I had a kite and I was unwilling to share that either.

Despite the mud there were no dramatic loss of traction moments, the wave cut platform was pretty easy to walk on and we tried to avoid trampling the mussel colonies. The hash coordinates were reached with no dramas, and no wet feet (gumboots man, good planning) The GPS function on my Nokia was used to find the hash location. Im still unfamiliar with how to use it, but i think i got to the right place.

Third most exciting thing of the hash was the discarded shopping trolley, second was the free golf ball that was found, and the most exciting thing was the windiness which was perfect for kite flying! Yay, mission accomplished.


SH1 to south eastern highway, Pakuranga Highway, Bucklands Beach road to Musick Point. Amble down the stairs to the wave cut platform.



XKCD 235 kite 2.jpg
Greenslime earned the Fly a kite achievement
by flying a kite at the 2010-08-08 -36 174 hash.
2010-08-08 -36 174 Fly a kite.jpg
Greenslime earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Maximus Adonis to the (-36, 174) geohash on 2010-08-08.
2010-08-08 -36 174 geotrash.jpg
Greenslime earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2010-08-07.