Deniliquin, Australia

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This graticule is located at -35,144. Today's location


Deniliquin is a small town of approximately 8,500 people in southern New South Wales. Deniliquin the town is on the eastern border of the graticule, and the graticule stretches down nearly to Moama, town on the New South Wales - Victoria border. It's famous for it's Ute On A Pole, which - understandably - is a full-sized ute (pickup truck) bolted to the top of a pole - and notable settler routes into the Australian interior.

It's hot as hell most of the time, and it hardly ever rains, which irritates the local farmers quite a bit. By no means is it an easy or accessible graticule as it's not on the logical path to any particular town, unless you're driving up towards Hay. There are few access roads, and miles and miles of open farmland, including (bizarrely) rice crops. Yes, people grow rice in an area that gets about as much rain as a desert. Weird.


Kozz has friends up in the Deniliquin graticule and may visit them once a year or so, but the odds of an achievable hash anywhere within the general graticule are low.

Despite that, the stars aligned one day and on Jan 31st 2010 Kozz and three New South Welshmen, including one who was just 10 months old, reached the graticule on the side of the Cobb Highway. Photos can be found on the meetup page.

Past Expeditions[edit]

2010-01-31 -35 144 Kozz Success - beside the road on the Cobb Highway

This, however, does not qualify to make this graticule active.


Kozz earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-35, 144) graticule, here, on 2010-01-31.