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This page lists former geohashers from the 52,-1 (Birmingham, United Kingdom) graticule who are now considered inactive. Feel free to move yourself to/from this page and the main page to whichever group you feel is appropriate.

  • waq will try to attend weekend meetups when he can (when they occur in Leicester/Loughborough).
  • krypto & friend will try to be there when he can.
  • jez Is a foot or bike distance away from Loughborough only kind of guy. (cars are evil!)
  • sminkybazza is also a Lufbra person. Limited to bike, buses and rail and saturdays.
  • anseth currently has no car but will attempt to make saturdays.
  • PodRED is now based in London but will GeoHash in Loughborough area if he is visiting in future.
  • Becky is Loughborough based but planning to geohash whichever graticule she finds herself in on Saturdays. Car powered but lacking GPS tech.
  • Walrus Rider goes to Warwick uni and lives in Leamington Spa. No easy means of transport.
  • RoadieRich is Nottingham based, and is limited to bus, trains, and a pair of old faithful hiking boots.
  • powdarrmonkey resides in Alcester/Stratford and works in Warwick, so will try for Saturday meetups if he's not doing shows. Has car but no GPS.
  • jon resides in Lichfield (where he also works). He has no car, but has a fine pair of legs.
  • Haradan is at Birmingham university, with no car. May obtain transport from a housemate with a car.
  • Albert Herring is on the southern edge of Nottingham. Has car, prefers bike. Doesn't need no steenking GPS, knows how to read a map and memorise details on satellite photos. Probably.
  • blane is slap bang in the middle of Leicester. So middle, the town centre is his back garden. Bike bus and rail for the win good fellows.
  • M0rt lives in Leamington Spa and goes to Warwick Uni. Have car. Will Geohash.
  • PkmnTrainerJ lives in Loughborough and is willing to travel via train to places, or car pool with others. Can only attend Sunday & Monday meets usually.
  • KaynSlamdyke, despite recently gaining his bike license doesn't have the Rebel 250 of his dreams yet, and so is limited to the Derby city center.
  • Pinny lives in Burton-upon-Trent and has a car, and should be able to make Saturday meetups, and possibly weekday evenings if they are near home/work.
  • Locster is in Leamington Spa, has car, handheld GPS, cake. Will be checking Saturday locations.
  • Metallics lives in Coventry and has access to a car, but works saturdays and distances of travel are limited.
  • BlueNovember is also studying at Warwick Uni. Geohashing; could there be a better way to procrastinate?
  • Tahrey lives in the north edge, and works at the west edge of Brum METRES within graticule. Has a car that's all kinds of old and busted, but still works well (a necessity, at least for now). Generally fails at hashing - ambitious, but rubbish.
  • SilentSpring Lives in Stechford, will get to saturday meetups when he can. Has a bus pass, and knows how to read a map.
  • Scunner Lives in Leicester and attends Leicester Uni. I have a motorbike so i have the 50 miles around Leicester covered.
  • Strawberry Utopia goes to Warwick Uni. Has a car and some sort of satnav that may work... Will consider geohashing.
  • Joe has attended several points in this graticule and in 52, -0 but is now rather busy and doesn't often check the location