Augusta, Maine

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Today's Location: Augusta, ME

The Augusta graticule is at latitude 44, longitude -69. It includes a large number of scenic "midcoast" communities; Augusta is the capital of Maine. This graticule is almost entirely land or lake or river, so most points are reachable; if you live in the southern section, you likely have a boat anyway.



Link to the graticule on the coordinate calculator

2010-07-22 44 -69 Del finally deflowered his "home" graticule, all because of the annual Conductor's Retreat in Washington township! It was his first formal geohash, and he figures it was done a little lamely. Perhaps he'll do better in the future.

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Del is closer to the Brunswick graticule, but when Brunswick's geohash is under water, Augusta's are much closer.
  • Kamaat is technically in the Brunswick graticule, but agrees with Del.
  • Dogen is another Brunswick resident, but thinks the two folks above him have the right idea for dealing with the whole "Atlantic Ocean" problem.
  • Kimslawson lives in Rockland, and as such, actually resides in the Augusta graticule.
  • Lerley actually lives in the eponymous city of the Augusta graticule. He feels extremely special.
  • expositiony lives in Waterville and has until December to explore the state of Maine before moving.