Amiens, France

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This graticule is mostly in Picardie, with the southern part in Ile-de-France (Paris region). Its main locations are Amiens, Beauvais and some of the northern suburbs of Paris (mostly not very safe places), including Cergy-Pontoise and half of the Charles de Gaulle airport. The northern half seems to be mainly farmland, while the southern half is more densely populated and also contains a lot of forests.


2013-12-16 49 2 : 10 km NNE of CDG airport, near the TGV line, in a field near Beaumarchais. Reached by Vermouthandgin and Zertrin at 6:33 a.m.

2013-08-07 49 2 : in a bit of woods south of Viarmes, a little north from Paris. OtherJack was foiled by a low battery in the GPS.

2009-10-04 49 2 : on the street, in a residential area of Cergy, a little north from Paris. successfully reached by NeThuS just after sunset.

2009-08-01 49 2 : Not too far from the motorway and Amiens, here was the 2nd station of J's and Juja's double-hash action.

2008-05-31 49 2 : In Montmorency forest, just to the north of Paris. Ilia successfully went there, but was late by more than an hour for the meetup.

Local geohashers[edit]

Ilia lives in Paris, but will switch to this graticule whenever the location in 48 2 becomes too remote.