2009-08-01 49 2

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Sat 1 Aug 2009 in 49,2:
49.8330528, 2.1372207

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Today Juja and J. were returning from their holiday - and the way home provided a chance on a multihash, which they happily took.

After we had successfully reached the point in the Rouen graticule, this one here was next for our multihash. So we had a short adventure with the French motorway toll system and then returned to smaller streets that led us almost directly to the point. This one was again quite beautiful - fields of wheat or barley or whatever J. says on both sides, some trees for the shadow and a small way to park the car on.

I only went to the side of the field - the GPS was switching between 10 and 15 meters distance to the point, which I counted as success and let the cereals live. I took some photos of my hashcots, J. took a photo of me and because the view (view of what?!) was so beautiful, we even had a longer lunch break with the remains of our astronaut camping food...


Surprisingly, this graticule was not a Virgin anymore. Still - two hashes on one day!

Juja earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2009-08-01. It's a Double Hash.