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Wed 5 Jun 2019 in Dresden:
51.0037843, 13.8470675

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Today's location is in a wine shop at Dresden-Kleinzschachwitz.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortsamt: Leuben; Stadtteil: Kleinzschachwitz

Weather: sunny, very warm



Although I thought that I might not reach the hashpoint, I wanted to take advantage of the great weather (during the day it was very hot but my room at work as air conditioning so I was fine). When I left work at around 7 p.m. it was already a much nicer temperature. First I cycled to the Elbe, then along the Elbe cycling route until I was at Dresden-Laubegast. There I left the river behind and cycled through Kleinzschachwitz. When I reached the wine shop my GPS told me that the spot was inside but the shop was already closed so I stood outside and was sad. Then I used another route to cycle home. In total, I cycled 17.5 km.

cycling along the Elbe  
2 meters away  
Weinkontor wine shop  
coordinates not reached  
Lockwitzbach creek next to the hashpoint  


will follow