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Sun 5 May 2019 in Chemnitz:
50.7018974, 12.9180754

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Today's location is in the Abtwald forest between Gelenau, Burkhardtsdorf and Auerbach.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Erzgebirgskreis; municipality: Gelenau/Erzgeb.

Weather: cloudy with a bit of sun, fresh (probably around 5°C



I was on my way back from Würzburg and I had planned to visit the hashpoint. On Friday I had already planned a route that would take as few additional kilometers as possible compared to the quick route along the Autobahn, it would lead me through the Erzgebirge mountain range. I was in no hurry and managed to drive even more fuel-efficiently as usual (it was 15 % less than usual according to the display when I reached Dresden). At the Stollberg West exit I left the Autobahn and followed the federal road for a bit. Then at Brünlos the smaller roads started, going from small village to small village. Via Dorfchemnitz and Hormersdorf I had a very nice drive along fields, over hills and through picturesque villages. The sunshine made the rapeseed fields glow golden, a very nice contrast to the darker clouds. Finally I reached Gelenau and parked the car at the town limit, next to a commercial zone. From there I started walking into the forest along a tarmacked road. I passed two people while walking, the rest of the time I was alone. After a while I came to a larger dirt track and followed that for a while until I was on smaller dirt tracks. Without sun it was rather cold between the trees. After climbing over fallen trees and walking around muddy puddles for a while I finally came near the hashpoint. The GPS dance was a bit complicated but I finally reached the spot (and in this case, "spot" means quite a large area, around 10x10 m).

After a little happy celebration I started to build a marker. There were lots of fir cones lying around so I used those. When I had finished everything I walked back towards my car. I was surprised that all the walking to and being at the hashpoint had taken 80 minutes. Then I continued my journey through the erzgebirgian countryside. Again there were many small villages as I drove via Gornau, Grünhainichen and Eppendorf to Freiberg. From there I could use the larger B173 federal road to Dresden. In total the drive took 1.25 hours longer than usual but due to the route I took it were only 11 additional kilometers, I also walked 3.6 km.

cruising through the countryside  
nearing Gelenau  
ROAD CLOSED! but only for motorized vehicles, phew!  
welcome to the Abtwald forest  
walking along...  
...smaller tracks  
almost there  
coordinates reached  
the hashpoint  
Scott with marker  
you can learn about how the water flows  
or how different trees grow on different soils  


will follow