2019-04-12 50 8

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Fri 12 Apr 2019 in Frankfurt/M:
50.5965112, 8.9409565

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Today's location is next to the road between Grünberg and Göbelnrod.

Country: Germany; state: Hessen (Hesse, EU:DE:HE); district: Gießen; municipality: Grünberg



It's the first day of my vacations (I hope to visit hashpoints near London, UK; Edinburgh, UK and Dublin, IR) and I'll drive from 51 13 to my parents in 49 8. The hashpoint is only a tiny detour from the Autobahn and it's right at the side of a road. As long as there are no huge construction sites, road blocks or problems with my car or my health during the drive, I should finally conquer the 50 8 graticule which has eluded me for more than 10 years!


The drive from Dresden started out fine and I made good progress until I reached the Autobahn interchange at Bad Hersfeld. There the combination of the interchange between three major Autobahnen (A4, A5, A7) and road construction works with only one usable lane created a large traffic jam. In the end it took me about one hour to pass the interchange. Later I left the Autobahn at the Grünberg exit, then I drove through Grünberg until I reached the small road that led to Göbelnrod. Following that I was soon near the hashpoint. As I didn't want to stop in the middle of the road I used the next field track and parked the car on the other side of the railroad in order not to block the track. When I got out a car came down the track and the driver told me not to leave the car for too long as within 15 minutes a farmer would come along with a large machine. I answered that I would only take a few minutes. Then I walked along the road to the hashpoint. When I reached the spot it was on the meadow just on the other side of the drainage ditch and I had no problems finding the exact coordinates. All the time I was looking out towards the direction the farmer was announced to come from so that I could hurry back to my car when I saw him. For that reason I quickly took pictures and then walked back to the car. Without any farmer arriving I was able to continue my journey. I drove via Göbelnrod to Reiskirchen and went back on the Autobahn there.

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