2008-12-14 50 8

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Sun 14 Dec 2008 in Frankfurt:
50.0916286, 8.7456885

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Today's location is in Offenbach on private property. According to the google satellite image it's next to a garage.



After visiting the 50 9 hashpoint I continued to my original goal, Frankfurt airport. At Offenbach I left the Autobahn and zig-zagged along one-way streets until I was in Dielmannstraße at 21:45. As I already suspected from counting the houses on the satellite image, the hashpoint was between the houses 11 and 13. The driveway to number 13's garage was blocked by a gate, otherwise I could have walked to the hashpoint.

Walking back and forth on the sidewalk with the car's navigation system in hand did not make the hashpoint come to me, so I rang at the door to ask for access. The guy that answered said "I can't allow you inside because I'm not the owner." in a very unfriedly way, so I rang the other bell. Did I say that it was 10 to 10 in the evening? The gate was opened and I went up to the door. An old lady opened and I told my story of adventure games and random locations. My "May I go TO your garage" was answered with "I can't let you IN my garage" and she went back inside. The door being nearer to the hashpoint than the gate, I had another look at the GPS. The coordinates shown were better than before and I took a picture before returning to the sidewalk. The North coordinates are rounded to the wrong integer and the garage was still some meters away so this doesn't qualify as coordinates reached.

I arrived at Frankfurt airport at 22:30 as planned but the plane was late so I had to wait anyway. Total detour was 10 km, it could have been less but I spotted the correct exit to late and the one-way streets were pointing in the wrong direction when I took the next one.

My first No Trespassing geohash. No multihash (but I have that already), no Ambassador achievement and, worst of all, no new minesweeper level.

Danatar earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2008-12-14.
2008-12-14 50 8 overview.jpg