2018-12-24 43 -121

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2018-12-24 43 -121 frogman 1545693165074.jpg

Mon 24 Dec 2018 in 43,-121:
43.8639673, -121.5357197

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Right in the middle of Forest Service Road 45, just west of Sunriver.



We noticed that this was a very easy hashpoint to reach from where we were, so we got into the truck to take a quick swing by. Unfortunately, the truck didn't start, so we needed to wait for my mother to get back home with the other car that could handle the weather.

Once she did, we headed out. The road was very slick, and we skidded a bit on back roads. The hashpoint was, as expected, easy to reach by car as it was in the middle of a road. We tried to find a place to pull out to reach the hashpoint on foot, but side roads were inaccessible and the road was heavy with traffic from Mt. Bachelor anyway so we just headed home.



Frogman, Benture, and Daisy earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (43, -121) geohash on 2018-12-24 at 55mph.
2018-12-24 43 -121 frogman 1545693165074.jpg