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Sun 2 Sep 2018 in Crawfordville, Florida:
30.1774901, -84.3805173

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The Plan[edit]

Outside the Wakulla County School Board. Plan is to get on the highway before the church rush is a significant factor, get to the hashpoint before noon.

It's been years since I've been out this way on a geohash, and I have a feeling I'm grossly forgetting what a 200 mile drive feels like. Nonetheless, it's a new graticule for me, so at the moment, I'll be enjoying my cup of coffee before hitting the road.

The Geohashers[edit]

The Adventure[edit]

I should note that the plan was to leave later in the day than I did. That I can contribute to the opening of A Tale of Two Kitties. My first cat, Tao, woke me up about an hour before my alarm was scheduled so that I would feed him; I took advantage of it to make some coffee and last minute plans. My second cat, Dead Pixel, immediately recognized that something wasn't up and was a bit clingier than usual rather than staying on the warm bed. It was only as I was getting dressed and ready to hit the road that Tao realized something was different and all but attached himself to my ankle. Much to their chagrin, I was not dissuaded.

The reason for last minute plans involves the number of churches that are outside the urban areas of Jacksonville. One notable spot on an unrelated road has about 25 churches attached to a main road on a 10 mile stretch. This geohash was a Sunday. Getting caught in the church rush has the possibility of adding another hour onto a minimum seven hour trip. This is why I planned on leaving later, and why Tao waking me up was so serendipitous; I was able to sneak out and onto the highway during service. Thanks, Tao!

Among other things to note, I'm always a bit surprised when I see Bear Crossing signs on I-10. I just don't think of Florida as being bear territory. I also had a small smile to myself for having to travel a bit of US-19. I used to live near one of the terminating ends of it in Pinellas County, and I always have a bit of a smile when I come across it somewhere else, especially since it travels all the way up to Pennsylvania. Down in the St. Petersburg area, it's a major road and constant traffic, but up by Tallahassee? Quiet, unassuming highway.

The hash itself gave me a bit of a start, likely due to just coming off a three and a half hour drive. The parking lot was chained! The hashpoint wasn't in the parking lot and was, in fact, on the sidewalk, but it was enough of a start. I parked by the fence and notched one more graticule. The Five of Spades was left on a campus sign, and I decided to head back through Tallahassee rather than retrace my steps through country roads. I think if I do one like this again, I should plan to stay the night rather than do that much driving.



Geoff earned the XKCD-100 Honorable Mention Achievement
by voyaging 275.87 km to reach the (30, -84) geohash on 2018-09-02. Alas it was not a Saturday.