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Tue 24 Jul 2018 in 63,28:
63.9598749, 28.7143787

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Sotkamo, Pirttivaara. The point lies a mere 5 m from the road.



2018-07-24 63 28DSC 0172 1500px.jpg
Early morning.

Eager after yesterday's successful expedition Pastori wanted to try again today.

At dawn he geared up and hurried Wife along to get going before the heat of the day would reach them again at the backwaters of North Karelia. The forecast warns of extreme heat for the whole week again. Pastori also had another incentive for the trip which was to check up on how the bilberries are doing.

The distance was 23.5 km as the crow flies to the neighbouring municipality which is a part of Kainuu already. Traffic on the main roads is relatively lively due to the vacation season but once they turned off onto a smaller road, they only saw two other cars. There were other creatures of interest though, as a little baby rabbit bounced across the road and a common shrew scurried across also. A brood of common kestrels, four of them, was on the forest clearing and a brood of five black grouse took flight from off the side of the road. Swallows were flying in and out from the barn.

The drive to the point was 38.5 km and the point was on a forest clearing about 5 m from the road. Fireweeds (Chamaenerion angustifolium) were in bloom ja all sorts of buzzing things were flying around happily. The point was reached at an accuracy of 1.5 m. Their faces tell the story of how easy the achievement was. The heat wasn't quite so bad yet either, only +24 degrees Celsius at 9:30 am.

Back at home Pastori continued with his normal chores, washing the sauna and chopping wood. Oh, and the bilberries, at least that spot wouldn't yield anything so they'll have to find some other place to gather berries.




Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (63, 28) geohash on 2018-07-24.
2018-07-24 63 28DSC 0184 1500px.jpg
Pastori and The Wife earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching hash points on 2 consecutive days starting on 2018-07-23.