2018-07-23 63 28

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Mon 23 Jul 2018 in 63,28:
63.7405574, 28.6679136

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Valtimo, Rasimäki. The point lies in a field of hay.



View of the road home.
Up to go...

In the middle of entertaining summer guests Pastori noticed a hashpoint almost at his doorstep, only 2.4 km away. So they absolutely had to go. The trip went well driving behind Pastori's son, Tilley. Tilley was hoping to get a juggernaut achievement but it wasn't possible this time since the families were with them.

The temperature was a ridiculous +28 degrees Celsius in the shade, who knows what it was in the sun. Thankfully the distance from the road to the point was only 67 m, but even that was a little tough. The straws of hey were rough around their bare legs and flies and horseflies were all around them. Pastori reached the point with a tolerable accuracy of 1.65 m, so they just quickly took pictures of their joint ”conquest” and hurried off. Tilley and his family continued towards their home and Pastori and Wife headed for their corner store (14 km away) to get some ice cream.




Pastori and Tilley earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (63, 28) geohash on 2018-07-23.
2018-07-23 63 28DSC 0148 1500px.jpg