2018-06-16 -35 149

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Sat 16 Jun 2018 in -35,149:
-35.1846292, 149.0526949

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Next to Halls creek near the town of Hall, adjacent to the NSW border


Felix Dance


I'm writing this one up a couple of months later, but the general gist is that I had an afternoon free on a Saturday after work and while my girlfriend was seeing a friend - so I hashed.

This time of year it's pretty cold and miserable in Canberra, and sure enough, half-way out along the bike paths to the hash a large and unexpected thunderstorm rolled through, wetting me.

At last I got to the hash area, but, in defiance of the minimal research I'd undertaken online, it seemed inaccessible. Three layers of fences of varying heights and barbiness separated me from the hash-paddock, with more looming in the distance. I despaired.

Thankfully, the first fence featured a fallen tree, which allowed me to climb across. The next barbed-wire fence was low enough to carefully step over. Finally, the very-tall fence inside this one was circumnavigable, so I just walked around, entering a strange, empty paddock. Eventually, I climbed another tall fence to reach the creek and travelled down this for a few hundred metres. A brief jump and I was over, and locating the hash. I saw kangaroos and enjoyed the fine raindrops, taking photos with my phone's self-cam. I was pretty elated and getting here.

I left the way I came and managed to get over the last fence only seconds before a landrover drove past along the inside fence. The return was almost unbearable on my bike fingers, and it took hours for them to warm back up.

Here is the route I took.



Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 34kms to and from the (-35, 149) geohash on 2018-06-16.
2018-06-16 -35 149 Felix Dance 1529127706332.jpg