2017-07-08 60 24

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Sat 8 Jul 2017 in 60,24:
60.3493611, 24.9721675

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Tuusula / Vantaa near the end of Helsinki-Vantaa airpot Runaway L22 / L04 in the bushes of the Kratinkallio


PPP (talk) Around 18 @ 8 July 2017 (UTC)


PPP (talk) Noticed that Saturdays 60 24 will be reachable by bike and the weather according to forecast will be suitable for cycling. Leaving Helsinki around 17:00 and arriving maybe an hour later, estimated distance is 20-25 km


Straight forward ride. Lost the planned track only once.

For the final approach I used Geohash Droid and got green well before ~10m of the actual location. Had to do few extra circles to get that close to actual location.



PPP earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 70 km to and from the (60, 24) geohash on 2017-07-08.
60 24 2017-0708-5.jpg