2017-07-05 52 13

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The exact GPS coordinates are where the light coloured splotch is on the ground in the centre of the photo.

Wed 5 Jul 2017 in 52,13:
52.5625307, 13.2053403

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In a parking lot behind an apartment complex in Spandau.



My first geohash! I decided to head out on my bike, about 11-12 km each way from my house. The weather was clear and pleasant. I waited until something close to me came up for my first geohash, because I didn't really feel like biking 40km each way to a field in Brandenburg for my first expedition.


About ten minutes into my ride, I felt a sinking feeling and realized that my back tire had lost most of its air in the last 50 meters. So, I had to dismount and change my inner tube on the side of the road. What kind of a person brings a spare inner tube with them on a 20 km bike ride? Not a quitter, I can tell you that much. I actually stopped at the bike shop near my apartment to buy this inner tube before I headed out. It was about a ten minute interval between buying the inner tube and getting a flat. That is my personal record. After that minor hiccup, I made my way west towards Spandau. I found the spot - it was in a parking lot behind an apartment complex - and took some pictures, along with a screenshot of my GPS. I walked around in the parking lot but tried to leave without staying too long and looking like a weirdo. I felt like the Germans would start looking out their windows any time now. The return trip was uneventful, with no flat tires involved. According to my phone's fitness tracker app, I maintained an average speed of 22.0 and burned 761 kcal, which I promptly offset with beer.