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Sat 24 Jun 2017 in Norwich, UK:
52.8372724, 1.2267758

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Beech woodland north of Aylsham, Norfolk, UK.




Buy a new fluorescent tube light and visit the hashpoint afterwards.


My kitchen was plunged into darkness when the old fluorescent tube failed. The diffuser had turned brown with age so it was time to replace the entire unit. An LED version was on sale but the price was too high and the energy saving hardly worthwhile.

The light shop was over half way to the hashpoint so it was a no brainer to combine the expeditions.

An ambiguous footpath sign did not make it clear which side of the nettle margin to walk so I chose the right hand way. Later, this turned out not to be the footpath but it was possible to follow the field margin without doing damage. 17 metres from the zero point, there was a low fence into the woodland. There were maturing beech trees, perhaps ready to harvest in another hundred years. The woodland margin was mostly nettles. Around the canopy edge there was a wide belt of bluebells gone to seed. In the deep dark wood, at the zero point, there was little undergrowth.



Expeditions and Plans

Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff In the front yard of a house in Tucker Georgia
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer Beech woodland north of Aylsham, Norfolk, UK.

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