2017-03-06 60 24

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Mon 6 Mar 2017 in 60,24:
60.1778279, 24.9180353

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In the yard of the Mechelininkatu 37 or Lasaretinraitti Töölö Helsinki

N60E24 2017-0306-MAP.jpg

Place is easily reachable by foot, bicycle or Public trafic [1].


I'll try, but that depends ... PPP from Perhe-K


None other than a hare and

  • PPP from Perhe-K


Easy lazy trip. Total travel time from my office desk to the place took 21 minutes. Found the parking place less than 80 m away, from there it was a walk of 120m.

Had to pop only few kilometers aside from my normal route from work to home so it was almost environmental friendly expedition. At least reaching of this geohash was not sole purpose of my driving.

N60E24 2017-0306-PANORAMA.jpg

The zero point was behind that blue sea container in the middle of picture

Weather & Sky[edit]

METAR EFHF 061450Z 05006KT 310V130 CAVOK M01/M10 Q1021=

Blue sky and Waxing Crescent moon



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