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Sun 25 Sep 2016 in 49,9:
49.2475990, 9.4175408

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A corn field at the Kocher near Möglingen




Second part of my multi-hash trial on my bull. For the plans see my other report.


After my first success I continued the ride. I quickly passed Philippsburg and Wiesental and had some kilometers of forest after that. Than I reached the Kraichgau and the relief wasn't all flat anymore (but the Kraichgau is the region that links the two mountain ranges Odenwald and Schwarzwald and has relative low hills). After a total of 80 kilometers I reached the town Schaigern and passed an ice cream parlor - well, to be honest, I didn't pass it but made a break. So boosted, I continued my way with new power. I now followed the valley of the Leimbach and soon I reached the river Neckar near the nuclear power plant of Neckarwestheim. I followed the river to Neckarsulm where I saw the plant of Audi. Then I left the river, crossed a low hill and reached the rivulet Kocher. 10 kilometers (and two crossings of the Kocher) further I had reached the hash area.

I could park the bull 15 m from the hash. A path continued between a green land and a corn field. I hoped for the green land, but twelve meters farther I was disabused. 5 meters into the corn field. I entered it for 3 meters and reached the circle of insecurity. I decided this to be good enough as it didn't make sense to harm more plants than necessary (although I walked into the field without harming any plants). After that I walked along the field and reached the Kocher, where a hash swan already waited for me. Close to the hash was a paraglider trying an air hash. I continued my way, crossed the Kocher again and found the starting area for the paragliders. This time I followed the Kocher down to its mouth in Bad Frciedrichshall. I rode to the station, bought a ticket and ... had still half an hour. Time enough for a beer in the beer garden that I had passed 800m ago :-)

Two trains (change in Mannheim) brought me back to Speyer in one and a half hour and I reached home at 6 o'clock again.


140 KM bull riding and additional 100 KM by train



DODO earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 9) geohash on 2016-09-25.

DODO earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) and (49, 9) geohashes on 2016-09-25.