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Wed 27 Jan 2016 in Hannover:
52.3072006, 9.8561317

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The Geohash is located in the Bockmerholz forest near Laatzen.



I started to walk east in Laatzen. I came by a cool roundabout with moving spheres, which doesn't look that cool on the picture below. There also was what I believe was a equestrian school, and I saw both a rider on a horse and horse tracks on my path. The Landscape was quite pretty.

The Forest

I now entered the forest. The “entrance” looks great, look at the picture below! Since the part I am entering is a nature reserve, I must not leave the path, but that's no problem, because the coordinates (where I would have to leave the path) are outside of the reserve. Eventually, I reach the coordinates.

The forest at the Geohash

On my way back I notice some garbage, not only the can I photographed, in the forest, which probably has gotten there from drivers who stopped there. (The coordinates are not far from a major road.) It's absurd that those people wouldn't drop it into one of the two garbage cans that were right there. However, I did it in their place.



Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2016-01-27.
2016-01-27 52 09 08 Geohash.jpg
Fippe earned the GeoTrash Geohash Achievement
by cleaning up the (52, 9) geohash on 2016-01-27.
2016-01-27 52 09 11 Garbage.jpg
Fippe earned the Last man standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2016-01-27.