2015-11-18 49 8

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Happy grin

Wed 18 Nov 2015 in 49,8:
49.9826737, 8.1571756

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In a little orchard near Mainz-Finthen; not far from Q-Owls origin hashpoint.



Yesterday I noticed, that todays hashpoint is not far from my origin hashpoint. So I intend to drive to Mainz-Finthen, walk to the current hashpoint, find the 1955-11-28 49 8 hashpoint, find some geocaches and drive home. I try to be at the hashpoint about 11:45 h.


I took 2 h off, drove to the current hashpoint, drove to the birthday hashpoint, found a geocache (with nearly 100 favourite points) in the middle between both hashpoints and drove back to work. It was a nice 140 km ride.


Achievements / Honorable Mention[edit]

Q-Owl earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2015-11-18.

No Multihash, because not on the 'correct' day. *sigh*

Q-Owl earned the XKCD-100 Honorable Mention Achievement
by voyaging 140 km to reach the (49, 8) geohash on 2015-11-18. Alas it was not a Saturday.

Other Geohashing Expeditions and Plans on this Day[edit]

Expeditions and Plans

Nowy Sącz, Poland Malgond On an escarpment by the road 94 in Bodzanów east of Wieliczka.
Mannheim, Germany Q-Owl In a little orchard near Mainz-Finthen; not far from Q-Owls origin hashpoin...
Canterbury, United Kingdom Sourcerer A front door in Jervis Close, Holbrook, Suffolk, UK.
Jämsä, Finland Tilley In Huttula, Jämsänkoski. The point lies in a field near a house.

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