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Sat 12 Sep 2015 in Dresden:
51.1193204, 13.7949829

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Today's location is in the forest a few meters from a Fäkalienannahmestation ("fecal matter receiving station", whatever they do there) near Dresden-Klotzsche.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortsamt: Loschwitz; statistischer Stadtteil: Dresdner Heide



After getting totally overworked for four weeks, I had a whole weekend off, hooray. The hashpoint fell in the northern part of Dresden and so I decided to visit it at meetup time. I started out at 15:30, later than planned for a distance of 10.5 km. That meant that I couldn't cycle comfortably and, beginning at home and right to the hashpoint, I had to cycle as quickly as possible. There were parts of the route where that was very difficult. Most of the route I know very well by now, after all those hashpoints in the northern part of Dresden, only after I took a turn in Klotzsche I discovered one new street. All the hurrying paid off, I crossed the railway not far from the hashpoint at 4 p.m. sharp and one minute later I was near the spot. My GPS dance turned into a spiral but I reached the spot without any real problems and finally I could take some deep breaths in the fresh forest air. I didn't stay long, taking the same route back home. Now without any time limit I took it more slowly, which turned out to be faster in many places because the road went mostly downhill.

almost there  
coordinates reached!  
ants near the spot  
"fecal matter receiving station"  

My geohashiversary was on 2015-09-07. I didn't go to the hashpoint because I was totally exhausted from having had no day for three weeks without either work, lots of appointments, or both. Also, I didn't want to take the car. In the past year, my seventh year of geohashing, I:

  • visited another 28 hashpoints (out of 33 tries), 4 new graticules, 1 new country, 1 new continent
  • cycled 292.6 km, walked 159.2 km, used public transport for 1537.9 km and motorized vehicles for only 29.9 km
  • spent another 256 Euros while geohashing


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