2015-08-16 -12 130

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Sun 16 Aug 2015 in -12,130:
-12.4949137, 130.9682920

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Just off a main road in Palmerston.



I saw this geohash on Sunday morning, after I'd already decided to go for a bike ride. It transpired that the geohash was actually right on the very route I was planning to take - to Channel Island in Darwin Harbour.

Spending about 2 hours getting my shit together for my ride, off I went towards the hash. A bit over an hour later I was there, and proceeded to spend about 30 minutes frigging around with my various phones and GPSes trying to get a good reading. Soon I started running out of batteries in all devices and I abandoned exactitude in order to complete the ride. Channel Island was a pretty cool destination, 50kms from the Darwin CBD with views across the whole harbour. It's connected by a long road bridge to the mainland.

On my way return, I popped in to visit my friend Lucy, who'd just finished her own epic bike ride. Together, with her dog Pinto, we went back to the hash to get more precision. We had dinner and I rode home, returning at 10pm.


Here is the route I took.



Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 99.3kms to and from the (-12, 130) geohash on 2015-08-16.
2015-08-16 -12 130 Felix Dance 1439694620019.jpg