Darwin, Australia

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-11,129 Bathurst Island North Ridge
-12,129 Darwin Coastal Plains
Cape Dombey Daly River Batchelor

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Today's Location: [Darwin, Australia]

The Darwin graticule covers most of Darwin and Palmerston, including Darwin Harbour and areas to the south west. It does not include satellite towns of Darwin such as Humpty Doo, which are found in the graticule to the East.

Darwin is the small capital of the Northern Territory which has been bombed by the Japanese in WWII and destroyed by Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and been rebuilt both times. Currently its main antagonists are the thriving population of crocodiles and the night creatures of Mitchell Street.

Summary of 2015 Expeditions[edit]

Arrow2.png Nov 2015-11-24 -12 130 Tuesday - Felix Dance next to the golf course in Palmerston
Arrow2.png Aug 2015-08-22 -12 130 Saturday - Felix Dance, Lucy and Pinto By the side of Cox Peninsula Road west of Darwin Harbour
Arrow2.png Aug 2015-08-16 -12 130 Sunday - Felix Dance, Lucy and Pinto on a main street in Palmerston
Arrow1.png Jul 2015-07-24 -12 130 Friday - Felix Dance, Lucy and Pinto failed to reach hash before dog got tired.
Arrow1.png Jan 2015-01-06 -12 130 Tuesday - Felix Dance Failed attempt to broach rival gas plant

Summary of 2014 Expeditions[edit]

Arrow2.png Aug 2014-08-26 -12 130 Tuesday - Felix Dance On a footpath in Palmerston
Arrow2.png Aug 2014-08-19 -12 130 Tuesday - Felix Dance Darwin Sewage Treatment Plant
Arrow2.png Jul 2014-07-14 -12 130 Monday - Felix Dance Mangrove hash in croc-infested waters
Arrow2.png Jan 2014-01-13 -12 130 Monday - Felix Dance Virgin hash in a school in Palmerston