2015-06-18 42 -85

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2015-06-18 42 -85 1.jpg

Thu 18 Jun 2015 in 42,-85:
42.9953666, -85.6395479

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near the sidewalk on Fuller Ave, Grand Rapids, MI, USA



I was meeting a couple of guys after work for food and beer (the associated ladies have book club tonight) and this was just a couple of miles away so I headed there before meeting them at the pub. I parked maybe 150m south of the hashpoint and walked up the sidewalk. The hashpoint appeared on the map to be in a lightly wooded area just off the sidewalk, between some apartments and a group of single-family houses. It was clear there were some fences but it seemed I would be able to reach the hashpoint.

It turned out the point was in the backyard of one of the private homes, just on the other side of a tall fence. I figured it was going to be No Trespassing after all. However, the trees in the publicly-accessible part of the area made the GPS error just large enough that GPS Droid concluded I was within the error bounds, and I managed to grab a screenshot while the numbers were still green, so I get to count this a success. (Is there a "guilt" achievement for not really reaching the hashpoint but getting to claim it anyway? Sort of a Reverse Radio Yerevan?)

I've gotten way behind in my trip reports; three others preceded this one that I have not yet posted. I'll get on it RSN :-)