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Sat 23 May 2015 in Leipzig:
51.4992878, 12.8056535

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Today's location is in the street on Wurzener Straße, a small road near Mockrehna.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Nordsachsen



The railway strike ruined my Geohashing Day expedition. There had been a hashpoint near Elsterwerda and I would have had time to visit it by train and bike after work, but because of the strike not a single train connected Dresden and Elsterwerda in the evening. The strike ended on 2015-05-21 and by the 23th the trains were running as usual. Thus I planned to visit the Geohashing Day spot on my way to the Mouseover Day spot in Mockrehna, in the 51 12 graticule. There was a train connection going from Dresden to Elsterwerda with about 45 minutes waiting time at Elsterwerda for the train towards Mockrehna and I planned to use that waiting time to cycle the 9.5 km to the hashpoint and back. I entered all the data into the railway homepage but when I hit "confirm booking" the homepage said "no place for bikes left on one of the trains". Finding another route, via Leipzig, didn't work either. I even made detailed plans to start at 10 a.m., visit the 51 13 hashpoint near Lauchhammer first and then visit the 51 12 spot afterwards; on that tour I would be on tour for 10.5 hours, I would not only have only 37 minutes for the Geohashing Day retrohash (9.5 km cycling including slope, and some minutes at the spot for pictures/celebration), I would also have to cycle another 15 km (in more than one hour) at Lauchhammer. When I woke up in the morning of the 23th I decided not to spend all the day on the train so I cancelled the retrohash plans. But I still planned to visit that day's coordinates.

Shortly after 1 p.m. I left home and rode my bike to the Dresden-Neustadt train station. Then I took the 13:31 train to Leipzig, where I arrived shortly before 3 p.m. A few minutes later I left Leipzig on the train that went to Mockrehna. That one arrived at Mockrehna at 15:40 and I instantly started to walk quickly towards the hashpoint. Finding the spot was easy, after a few turns in Mockrehna I walked along the very straight Wurzener Straße until I was at the spot, at 15:55. It was directly on the tarmac and I proceeded to chalk a marker. A woman on a bike rode past me but I saw nobody else there. Then I celebrated Mouseover Day with Scott, mice and a certain Canadian candy. Five minutes past 4 I already had to leave and I quickly walked back to the train station. The train came at 16:22, bringing me back to Leipzig, then it was just another train ride to Dresden, where I arrived at half past 6.

Danatar earned the 2015 Mouse Over Day achievement
by celebrating Mouseover Day in the (51, 12) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2015.
2015-05-23 51 12 marker.jpg

the hashpoint as seen from the train  
for certain values of "seen"  
just straight ahead now (on foot)  
almost there  
it's clearly Mouseover day  
coordinates reached  
abandoned rails next to the hashpoint  
leaving Mockrehna again  
steam locomotive at Leipzig  


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