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2015-05-20 46 7 castle.jpg

Wed 20 May 2015 in 46,7:
46.6724306, 7.6364096

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A meadow in Wimmis BE.




  1. IC train leaving Zurich 16 at 7.02am
  2. 55 bus leaving Thun at 8.32
  3. Arrive in Wimmis at 8.57
  4. Find the hashpoint
  5. RE train leaving Wimmis at 9.40
  6. Arrive in Berne at 10.20


Never had Calamus targeted a hashpoint further to the south. But since he had business in Berne anyway, he figured a two-hour-and-a-half detour couldn't harm. It also meant he could see a bit of countryside in the morning. The train brought him away from the clouds over Zurich. But weather drifts westwards in Switzerland, and so it was merely a question of time until they would catch up with him.

In fact it was cloudy in Wimmis, but fortunately no rain fell. Calamus had never heard of Wimmis before (unlike Crox, who had spent some time there during his military service), and it proved to be be a perfectly normal rural Bernese village, featuring a stronghold, farms and oddly-shaped mountains.

The hashpoint was easily found on a freshly dunged and shoe-ruining meadow next to a farm. Some horses watched with apparent interest how Calamus staggered around the meadow, homing in on the exact point.

Having spent five minutes instead of the allocated forty, Calamus explored Wimmis for a bit, primarily its bakery, and returned to Berne.


On EveryTrail in low resolution because of the mountains.