2015-05-02 42 -85

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2015-05-02 42 -85 0.jpg

Sat 2 May 2015 in 42,-85:
42.8945430, -85.6737982

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site of former automotive parts plant, Wyoming, MI, USA



The hashpoint was on the site of the former General Motors Metal Stamping Plant in Wyoming, just south of Grand Rapids. The plant, built in 1936, closed in 2009. It has been dismantled but the basic infrastructure (rail line, electrical substations, etc) remain in place. GM sold the site for $1 to the Wyoming city government, which is now trying to find suitable industrial tenants. I thought it likely that the hashpoint would be inaccessible behind fences, but I was headed to that corner of town anyway and thought it would be interesting to try.

It was indeed inaccessible. The main "entrance" is on the south side; the closest approach I was able to make was on the west, in the driveway of a new company that seems to be a supplier of pipe, and whose facility was apparently built since the most recent Google Maps satellite shot.

I was hoping to answer the Tale of Two Hashes challenge for Wyoming issued by Pedalpusher at 2014-12-20_42_-78 but alas, you must actually reach the coordinates to claim one of those challenges.



George earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (42, -85) geohash on 2015-05-02.