2015-04-26 47 -122

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Sun 26 Apr 2015 in Seattle:
47.6281640, -122.3518655

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Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, with a view of the Space Needle.



Visit approximately 2pm, then head to Magnolia for two baseball games (weather permitting)


Extremely easy geohash, with a beautiful view. I arrived at just after 2pm on the street below, snapping a picture as I turned right. The geohashpoint was on the upper street, which is one way westbound (and quite narrow).

I drove east, looped around and then headed west. Arriving at the likely location I parked, then stepped outside the car for hashdance purposes. Unfortunately, my hashdance kept bumping me into the car, so I rolled it back several meters and tried again. This time I got well within the accuracy of the gauge, less than a meter at two times.

I chalked the sidewalk and then snapped pictures of the chalk, the surroundings, and the iconic view. I then continued west to the counterbalance (so named for a streetcar that ran up the hill while a large weight moved down the hill underground) and then on to Kerry Park for an even more iconic Seattle view.

Geohash firmly scouted, I headed further west to Magnolia hill and the Sandy Koufax 14 year olds baseball league where I umpired two games, 3:30 and 6:30 start times. Clouds rolled in to spoil the sunny day, with a smattering of rain between the two games, but overall things went well.




Thomcat earned the Last man standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2015-04-26.
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