2015-04-02 49 -123

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Thu 2 Apr 2015 in 49,-123:
49.2490200, -123.2399802

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Just off Marine Drive on the UBC campus



So Jennifer was at a conference in Vancouver, and I drove up to see her. On this day, after her afternoon sessions we tried geohashing this point. It wasn't successful -- I think there was a fence involved -- so it was just a walk along the path, and then we went and got sushi.

Three years later -- I can say this, because I am three and a half years late in writing up this expedition -- Jennifer and I would run by this same point twice in the 2018 Vancouver half-marathon. She passed it twice, and then I passed it twice. She's a lot faster than me.


I think there are some pictures from this in my other computer, actually...


  • Michael5000's first attempt at a Canadian hashpoint!
  • This expedition was the end of Lucky Thursday; my success rate on Thursdays dropped to 15-1.
  • By writing up this expedition 3 years and 236 days after it happened, I inadvertently broke the Geohashing record for keeping someone hanging before invalidating their Last Man Standing achievement. Apologies to Fippe for the unpleasant surprise!